ASU Asphalt Saturated Underlayment

ASU-15 Asphalt Saturated Underlayment

ASU-15 Asphalt Saturated Underlayment
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Description: An asphalt saturated building paper that reduces the moisture vapor flow between the subfloor and the hardwood flooring.

Composition: Consists of a single-ply kraft paper that is asphalt saturated.

Size: Produced in 36ā€W x 144LF (432 sq. ft.) rolls. Roll weight approximately 15 lbs.

LSU 30-30-30 Texture shownSpecifications: Meets Federal Specifications UU-B-790A, Type 1, Grade ā€œDā€, Style 2, water vapor permeable.

ASU-15 Texture shown.

Physical Properties: American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)

  • Water Resistance: ASTM D-779 - Standard Test Method for Water Resistance of Paper, Paperbound, and Other Sheet Material by the Dry Indicator Method. Exceeds industry standard for grade D paper.

  • Tensile Strength: ASTM D-828 - Tensile Properties of Paper and Paperboard Using Constant-Rate-of-Elongation Apparatus. Meets industry standard of greater than 20 lbs. f./inch in both directions.

Test Results
Underlayment Product
ASTM D-779
ASTM D-828
ASU-15 Asphalt Saturated
Industry Standard
Grade D


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